Medical Micro-Needling

We are very excited to offer Microneedling, or percutaneous collagen induction therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular skin resurfacing procedures and can be performed in our office. Microneedling promotes improvements in the appearance of fine lines, scarring (especially acne scars), stretch marks and overall skin health and presentation. These treatments are beneficial on their own and can also increase the effectiveness of chemical peels and laser resurfacing, especially for photoaging and irregular skin tone/pigmentation issues.

The Microneedling procedure utilizes tiny needles to create micro perforations in the skin. This "controlled wounding" stimulates collagen and elastin production as the skin heals itself. In addition, Microneedling allows other skin-building ingredients, such as peptides, to more efficiently penetrate the skin. The treatments are well tolerated and well accepted by patients and are quite cost effective. Call our office to schedule a complementary consultation and see if this cutting edge rejuvenation treatment is right for you!

*Individual Results May Vary*